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AWS User Group Bangladesh is united by community-led learnings and diversified by the wide variety of tools and technologies closely knit with Amazon Web Services, cloud computing technology, AWS design implementation and servicing, high scalability / performance computing, production use cases of AWS, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

AWS Community Days are community-organized cloud education events, featuring technical discussions and demos led by expert AWS users and industry leaders from around the world

Community-based learning is the best way to enhance the concepts being taught by connecting with enthusiasts in person, thereby sharing first-hand experiences and familiar, accessible examples.

All skill levels are welcome to help accomplish our motto of learning, sharing and networking. Let's join hands to empower this tech community to make it bigger and better!



Renew, revive & revitalize to exemplify your excitement about the work you do

Learn industry trends and intricacies about innovative implementations from AWS experts

Harness the power of networking with AWS users, DevOps, developers & solutions architects

Network with fellow AWS veterans & techies during breaks

Novice to pioneer on relentless pursuit to learn can rejoice the AWS offerings & success stories under one roof

Take helpful and valuable information back to business

Gain visibility to get more publicity for your esteemed organisation

Sporting chance for active participants to win AWS goodies

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10.30 AM - 11.00 AM


Innovation @ Disruption
How Cloud Computing provides accelerated journey when disruption is mandatory (like COVID) or intentional. Cloud technologies provide the tools and capabilities necessary for us to re-innovate ourselves and our organization.

11.05 AM - 11.10 AM

Panel Discussion

Potential of Cloud in Startups In Bangladesh
This session will illustrate how Bangladesh has now gained the capability of being the new big market for the cloud business as emerging IT startups are potentially growing to be billion dollar companies.

11.15 AM - 11.45 AM

Panel Discussion

Building ride-sharing application with AWS Managed Services
This session teaches us how easily any ride-sharing application can be built with AWS Managed Services.

11.50 AM - 12.00 PM

Panel Discussion

AWS cloud credits for Startups
This session delves into AWS cloud credits for Startups. For example, Founder Friendly Labs startups can receive up to $25,000 USD in AWS credits good for two years or apply for up to $100,000 USD in AWS credits good for one year. A startup can receive up to $100,000 USD in AWS credits from AWS Activate in total.

12.05 PM - 12.15 PM


Era of fintech disruption: how AWS is adding value
The hybrid cloud is gaining popularity and becoming mainstream in banking as well. Let us learn about the scope & opportunities that AWS offers for providing solutions for fintech specifically. In this session, we will deep-dive into the disruption in Banking industry in Bangladesh.

12.20 PM - 01.00 PM


Why is Infrastructure as Code (IaC) an essential skill for your Cloud team?
Let us understand what makes Cloud so user-friendly, compliant & agile. In this session, we discuss the advantages of handling Infrastructure as Code and how to achieve the same using AWS native tools. Join in to see a working demo and learn strategy to standardize the infrastructure in your organization.

01.00 PM - 01.30 PM

Panel Discussion

Career Talk in AWS
This session will teach us about career opportunities for students & professionals in AWS.

02.10 PM - 02.55 PM


How to Train a Robot Using Reinforcement Learning
This session illustrates the use of AWS RoboMaker sample application to generate simulated training data used for RL. The RL model will teach the robot to track and follow an object. This is a simple demonstration that can be extended into use cases like worker assistance in a warehouse or an entertainment robot following a consumer in their home.

03.00 PM - 03.45 PM


Getting started with Serverless and Lambda
In this talk, we will learn how to get started with serverless computing and Lambda to build and run applications without the need for provisioning or managing servers. We will cover Lambda fundamentals along with other AWS services that we can use to build our serverless applications with Lambda.

03.45 PM - 04.00 PM

Tea / Coffee Break

04.05 PM - 04.50 PM


Advanced Conversational Chatbot with Amazon Lex
This sessions dives into how we can build bots using Amazon Lex to increase contact center productivity, automate simple tasks, and drive operational efficiencies across the enterprise.

Code of Conduct Code of Conduct


We firmly believe in the value and importance of an environment where all AWS community members and event participants feel welcome and safe. This Code of Conduct explains what type of behavior we expect from AWS community members & event participants. The terms of this Code of Conduct are non-negotiable. We will not tolerate behavior that runs counter to this Code of Conduct.


You will behave in a way as to create a safe and supportive environment for all event participants.

You will not engage in disruptive speech or behavior or otherwise interfere with the event or other individuals’ participation in the event.

You will not engage in any form of harassing, offensive, discriminatory, or threatening speech or behavior, including (but not limited to) relating to race, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, religion, disability, marital status, age, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, or other protected category.

You will comply with the instructions of event and venue staff.

You will comply with all applicable laws.


If we believe that you are not complying with this Code of Conduct, we may deny you entry or require you to leave all event venue(s). All determinations are at our sole discretion. We will involve local law enforcement if we deem appropriate. If we deny you entry or require you to leave, you will not be eligible to receive a refund of any fees paid to us related to the event or related events. Breaches of this Code of Conduct may result in disqualification from participating in future events.


If you witness or are subjected to inappropriate behavior, or have concerns related to this Code of Conduct, please promptly contact at tisha.aws.ug.bd@gmail.com


Core Team

 Farzana Afrin Tisha

Farzana Afrin Tisha

Director, Women in Big Data Bangladesh
AWS Community Leader

RaziburShamiul Haque Protik

Shamiul Haque Protik

AWS Community Manager Bangladesh

Shourav S. Kabir

Solaiman Kabir Showrav

AWS Community Organiser Bangladesh
AWS Educate Student


Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

Head of Global Business & Partner
Brain Station 23 Ltd
AWS Community Leader

Mohammad Mahdee Uz Zaman

Mohammad Mahdee Uz Zaman

Leader & Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services


Razibur Rahman

Rajibur Rahman

UX/UI Designer

Fahmiza Ramina Hossian

Fahmiza Ramina Hossian

AWS Community Organiser Bangladesh

Ayman Wasif.jpg

Ayman Wasif

AWS Community Content Writer Bangladesh

Avi Pal

Avi Pal

AWS Educate Student

Mim Ahmed Joy

Mim Ahmed Joy

AWS Educate Student